Commission Prices

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Commissions are currently closed, please click the queue button above to see when I'll next be opening.
Currently, most Fridays I open for instream commissions over on my twitch.

All prices are in USD. These are prices for non-commercial projects.
Extra characters are 60% of cost price unless otherwise specified.

Please read the Terms of Service page for more information on my terms.

I am always open to inquiries, even when my commissions are closed, so feel free to use the contact form or email me for quotes, project inquiries and the likes!

Icon | $35

Circle canvas with soft style shading


Eye Banner | $50

Focus on your character's eyes with some motifs if you'd like!


Sketch Page | $150

1 x full body, 1 x half body, 2 x busts, roughly coloured and shaded.
No WIPs available.

Deluxe Page | $200+

Flexible -

Example has 2 x fullbodies, 4 x half bodies.
Shading can be excluded or included. Price varies depending on what you'd like! Can be designed as a reference.

Chibi Sketch | $80

Cleanly sketched fullbody Chibi sketch with a small amount of rendering.

Fullbody Sketch | $120

Cleanly sketched fullbody with a small amount of rendering.

Shaded Halfbody | $170

Shaded halfbody with minor background elements with a tight focus on the character

Shaded Fullbody | $220

Shaded fullbody with a rectangle sky bg.

Full Illustration | $350

Full detail piece, fullbody of the character, with detailed shading, a detailed background.

website image.jpg
References | $80+

Reference for your oc, existing or new! References vary on what you'd like, so please get a quote!

Emotes & Stickers | $120

5 twitch emotes or telegram stickers!
Shaded, with highlights and optional props.

emote pack.png
Custom Charm | $80+

Custom Charm. Includes 3 copies

Artwork style can be dicussed - Couple charms, Monarch WOF Style, Linked style are all options! The price varies on the type you'd like.
Shipping additional.

charm customs.jpg
Shaker Charm | $130

Physical charm of your OC and their inventory! Includes 5 items, 1 copy of the charm. Shipping is additonal.

Speedpaints | $35 PH

Fast, rendered commissions. 
No extra character charge.
Pick from a bust, half body, or fullbody, for example, a 1 hr bust will be more detailed than a 1 hr fullbody, but both will have rendering, experimental colouring and the likes!
No WIPS available.


Interested in something not listed? Let me know! I have skills in traditional medias, as well as other sorts of projects, such as comic pages, multi illustration projects, and more! Feel free to use my contact form!